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Red Bean Pearl Barley Soup

Stewed red bean not only can clear away internal heat and promotes urination, but also invigorates the spleen and stomach. Both the soup and barley can tonify the body.



Red bean: 50g, Pearl barley: 30g


  1. Wash red beans and pearl barley, put them into the Health-care Beverage Maker , and add water to the water level of 1,500ml.
  2. Start the Boil mode, and put it aside for 30 minutes after boiled.
  3. Restart the Soup mode after 30 minutes, and wait till it automatically power off.


  1. Both red bean and pearl barley are hard to boil to soften.Start the Boil mode of the Health-care Beverage Maker to boil the water, and soak red beans and pearl barley inside for 30 minutes, then start the Soup mode to make a soft and sweet red bean pearl barley syrup.
  2. Proper amount of sugar can be added after stewing if sweeter taste is preferred.

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