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Why you need AT LEAST one electric steamer in your household?

Buydeem electric food steamer is a kind of kitchen appliance developed on the basis of the traditional bamboo steamer, aluminium steamer, wooden steamer etc., which uses the electric steam principle to directly steam various dishes.

As compared to the traditional steamer, Buydeem steamer is safer, more energy-saving, more energy-efficient, and ensure the original taste of food. Here are the pros of having at least one of it at home:

  • It’s simple to operate without flame

As we all know that traditional steamer requires natural gas as the heating source, so open flames is invisible. However, the electric food steamer is the connection between the power supply and wire, which is safer to use.

  • Uniform heating can ensure consistent temperature in the pot

We can ensure all the food is cooked with the consistent heat in the electric steamer. On the other hand, traditional steamers only rely on natural gas of a gas stove or fire to heat it. It is pretty hard to ensure the firepower is completely uniform. Food such as steamed buns and rice can be unevenly cooked.

  • It has steaming racks

This can fulfil our need to cook multiple dishes at the same time, and if we cook steamed fish and steamed shrimp, we can produce them in one pot. It helps to save time and be more efficient. Furthermore, we can save time and space as steaming racks can be used to store food when we don’t use them.

  • It’s an energy-saving household appliance

Better electric steamer can produce steam in just 60 seconds. You don’t need to heat the water to boil first like the traditional steamers and other household appliances. Elderly may face issues where all water in the steamer is evaporated. It is a dangerous issue and needs to be prevented.

Electric steamer has a function of automatic constant temperature and power off when the low-level water is detected. It is more convenient and safer for elderly to use.

  • Food is more delicious

The two common designs of steamer are drip-proof and leak-proof lid. For those who know how to cook, you will know that when the lid of traditional steamer is opened, water vapor will drop on the food, which will affect the food and the original taste. Buydeem steamer can avoid this problem effectively.

  • It has the effect of fast thawing of food and high-temperature disinfection

With those two practical functions, we no longer need to wait for the food taken out of refrigerator to slowly defrost, and there’s no need to buy disinfection appliances to disinfect the tableware and baby bottles at home.

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