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Honey Pineapple Black Tea

Pineapple, apple and orange are all seasonal fruit and full of aroma. Fruit tea mixed with all those fruits can have strong flavor which is especially preferred in spring.



Pineapple: 50g, Apple: half, Orange: half, Rock sugar: 40g, Black tea: 10g


  1. Peel the pineapple, and cut it into small pieces; denucleate the apple and keep the peel, cut it into small pieces as well; peel the orange, and slice it. Put pineapple and apple cubes as well as rock sugar into the Health-care Beverage Maker, and feed water to the water level of 1,500ml.
  2. Start the Tea mode, wait till it automatically power off, put black tea into the tea basket, and stew and soak for 1 minute.
  3. Take out the tea basket.
  4. Put the orange slice into the cup, and pour the fruit tea inside after cooled down.


  1. The apple core shall be removed because boiled core will ferment the tea, but the apple peel shall be kept as it is the key of the apple aroma.
  2. The black tea will not taste good if boiled for too long, so it shall be added after the fruit tea is well stewed. Orange is suggested to be put inside at last because its fragrance and nutrition will be destroyed if stewed for too long

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